SneakersNStuff Teams Up With Adidas For An Denim Laced NMD R2

Sneakers N Stuff x Adidas NMD R2

Sneakers N Stuff is back at it again with the collab DAMN DANIEL! The overseas based sneaker boutique has tapped Adidas or was tapped by Adidas i dont know how that shxt works, for an denim collab on the NMD R2, one of the best boost models you can get ( next to the ultraboost an the R1 ) both sneakers feature different colors of denim with one being a light wash and the other being a dark wash ( dats dem denim terms papi ) its a cool collab to see but i guarantee this shoe is gonna be a bitch fit wise and cleaning wise, thought of having to clean dirty denim sneakers gives me the creeps.

Anyway peep the Sneakers N Stuff x Adidas NMD R2 down below and if you’re feeling go on ahead an leave a comment, and if you aren’t as our moms would say if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all……………

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Collab: Adidas x Sneakers N Stuff  Sneaker: R2  Color: Denim  When: Coming Soon