We Can Now Officially Say Hello To The Crazy Explosive 2017

Crazy Explosive 2017
Crazy Explosive 2017 Forged Primeknit

it tis official Adidas Basketball officially announces the Crazy Explosive 2017 featuring what is being called Forged PrimeKnit ( oh you fancy huh ) i’am not quite sure technically what that it but from the pics you can kinda tell what they were aiming for a strong, flexible, new version of the PK we all love. I would also say that having something like Forged Primeknit is good in this case as basketball sneakers tend to take an ass whopping on the court so a strong material that wont frey or rip after a few wears is super important.

F all the specifics an the technical mumbo jumbo that we as consumers don’t care for and lets just admire the Crazy Explosive for what it is a nice follow up to last years CE 16 which was a hit in itself. These new sneakers are set to debut to the world this July on the 27th for the retail price of 150$, a very good price for a shoe thats nice and also features BOOST, can’t forget about dat BOOST. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts an also leave a comment with your all time favorite basketball sneaker, mines would have to be the Nike Zoom 2K4……………

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Brand: Adidas Hoops  Sneaker: Crazy Explosive 2017  When: 7.27  Price: 150$