Our GoFundMe Campaign Helps Expand Our Reach By Joining YouTube

Gofundme YouTube Campaign gofundme.com/cnsmntfuture

Having an website is just a small piece of the puzzle and in order to grow your brand you must use as many outlets as possible. We have an Twitter(twitter), Facebook(Facebook), and Instagram(Instagram) page to build our social media footprint, with YouTube it’ll be able to give us an area to tap into the gaming world head on. 

With YouTube x gaming it’ll give us the ability to use the fastest growing side of the app to build a core audience that in the future we can play with, stream, and do give always specifically for. Unlike the web with YouTube you can really get to know your core audience and feedback is just one post away aka the comment section ( good or bad ) Along side with growing the audience we plan to play on all available platforms such as PS4, XBOX One, and PC to give us a unique group of fans we can call our own.

Games on the channel will be done a few different ways Live Streaming, Gameplay Walkthroughs, and Vlogs adding these aspects will give us the ability to grow and also sustain a large audience with out having to worry about potential subs leaving or not finding something of value. 

All the money raised via GoFundMe ( gofundme ) goes straight into the channel, the quicker we raise it the sooner x faster we can get the channel up and going. Things like an Computer for editing, an el gato to record/capture gaming footage, and gaming consoles/gaming PC to play the games on, with any extra money raised being used to save and put to use at a later date as the channel grows, and as our fan base asks to incorporate other elements.

GoFundMe is the perfect element for a small brand like consignment to grow as funding is the hardest part of building a company, with the ability to crowdfund it expedites the process along with giving us a future we would have never dreamed of. Asking for help is never a bad thing an with websites like KICKSTARTER x INDIEGOGO help raise some big name projects crowdfunding is the way of the future an also can connect potential business partners together with the click of the button.

thanks for checking us out you can check out Campaign here GOFUNDME ( gofundme ) or the link below 

www.gofundme.com/cnsmntfuture ( GoFundMe YouTUbe Campaign)