Google Will Add Major New Features Too The Chromebook

Samsung Chromebook Plus ( pic via The Verge )

It looks like the chromebook line could be seeing some really big upgrades that could give it the major push it needed, according to the Verge via Chrome Unboxed, Google will be adding two big features to the upcoming Chromebook class, what are those features well then let’s get right to it. The two new features are Google’s voice assistant which made its debut on the Pixel ( the new nexus line ) as well as an fingerprint sensor. Now me personally I am no fan of this whole finger print nonsense as it gives companies too much access ( as if they didn’t have enough already ) so I could care less about that feature.

However the adding of the Google assistant paired with the fact that all Chromebook’s released this year will have the ability to run android apps natively, this is a game changer. This could lead to big sales for OEM’s who produce these web based devices/laptops as Microsoft/Apple’s offerings are too overpriced for the ¬†average consumer. Also noted by Chrome Unboxed is that Google is working on a new CB called EVE so we’ll be looking out for that, but we hope it does not get grossly overpriced like the CB Pixel. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts on this news and also if you are a user of Chromebooks please leave some feed I am in the market for one and would like to know how Day to day usage is…………..

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