Happy 10th Birthday To The iPhone History Has Been Made

Apple iPhone 7/7S Plus

Today is a celebration! It’s the iPhone 📱 10th bday, 10 whole years you’ve been around making android users miserable ( 😭 ) with the best OS on the earth, the iPhone is with out a doubt the king of smartphones. From the first day Steve Jobs took the stage with the phone that changed everything, from the way we communicate, apps, camera, everything changed 10 years ago, pushing the boundaries more x more, and also basically making the blackberry obsolete in the process. Let’s say happy bday by shouting at the top of our lungs! 

Over 10 years so much has changed the App Store, iMessage, both cameras on the phone, the specs, and the build. We had so many iterations from full metal, to glass you name it the iPhone had it. With the 10th iPhone coming up we just hope that Apple can continue creating the greatest phone ever with out trying to be android, when in fact now a days android is trying to be Apple ( they both borrow from each other ). So here is to 10 years! And another 10 years for the 🐐 of technology…………….

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