Google Updates Gboard For iOS, Adds Support For YouTube And Three New Languages

Google’s Gboard received an new update that supports Google Maps, YouTube, and new languages

Hey now if you’re a big fan of the Google app or keyboard Gboard then you would like the news I have here today, recently the app was updated for iOS ( not sure if this applies to Android as well ) which brings new integration for Google Maps x YouTube. Also added to the app is support for 3 new languages which are Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew, so if you’re fluent in those 3 languages then give Gboard a try. 

Now as far as the support with Google Maps x YouTube this new update allows you too share things easier as these two apps have been baked into the keyboard app more, so for instance If you wanna share an link to a video you watched that was hilarious, you can now directly search for that in the app since it has support for YouTube, which makes things much easier. For Google Maps it’s the same say you wanna share your direct location or an address, with support now in Gboard you can directly share within the app with out having to copy paste or use a second device to write everything down.

For this update it’s all about convenience x ease, but it also shows how iOS is opening up more and the future could be bright, it won’t be as open as Android but it’ll be in its own way……………

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