A New Crazy Explosive 17 Drops This Month

Crazy Explosive 17
Adidas Crazy Explosive 17 ‘ Trace Khaki ‘

This year the Crazy Explosive 17 is by far one of or if not the best basketball sneakers for 2017 ( until we see the curry 4 ), and adidas hoops has an all new color way that you should check out to add too your hooping rotation. The trace Khaki color is no stranger to adidas at all, this is a staple color way, and it has been used on many models on the past, so with this one your getting something with a nice history.

Also the one plus side that the Crazy Explosive 17 has is BOOST, that’s right folks the Cushioning for one of the worlds greatest hoop shoes features boost, which was made popular by the Ultraboost sneaker and Yeezy line. Check out the Adidas CE 17 ‘ trace khaki ‘ in full down below, look for these to hit stores sometimes this month, and leave a comment down below with your thoughts…………

Brand: Adidas Hoops  Sneaker: CE 17  Color: Trace Khaki  When: August ’17  Price: 150$

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