Google’s Pixel 2 Phone Leaks, Here’s What’s Coming

Pixel 2
Google pixel 2 leaks

With the fall just around the corner it looks like leaks for the major phones coming are going to get more x more frequent, and with today’s news we have a really good look at the all new Google Pixel 2. The next iteration of vanilla android via google an their pixel line is here thanks to a new leak that gives us a pretty damn good look, from the pics the Pixel 2 has the same look from last year just with minor tweaks.

One thing to note is that for this year Google has gotten rid of the 3.5 mm headphone jack, which means like it or no the Bluetooth is the future of audio for handsets which honestly is a good thing. Less cords means less worry, an with less worry means more phone, more battery, and better technology all around. Stay tuned for more news for Google, android, and the Pixel 2 as we will be sure to post the important stuff when ever it hits the net…………….

Brand: Google  OS: Android  Product: Pixel2

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