Instagram Is Testing New Co Live Feature, IG Live Is About To Get Interesting

Instagram’s latest feature would allow two users to go live with one another

In some app news Instagram is testing yet another new feature that could change the way we use the app, and can make Snapchat even more useless. The new feature being tested would allow users to add an co live host at any given time, which would mean your favorite IG honey’s live streams could get a lil more hotter. With this new ability in Instagram it could be big for brands, influencers, celebs, and athletes as they could do a dual live stream bring in some one else and conduct a cool lil interview segment right there on their live. 

This really could be big for websites as well as they can do live interviews right their on the spot weekely with out having to fly guests in and it’s an direct connection to their audience, and it’s real time as well. The one downside to this is like every platform the fools that will do criminal acts with it or live stream certain things that shouldn’t just be seen.

In all its a great idea to add to one of the worlds most popular apps, look for this feature to probably go live in the app sometime this fall…………

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