Adidas Hoops Harden B E ” Cheetah ” Coming Soon

Harden B E
Adidas Harden B E ” Cheetah “

It looks like we have yet another harden x adidas model, making this the third, the Harden Vol 1, Harden Vol 1 LS, and now the Harden B E which looks to utilize bounce instead of boost like it’s two bigger brothers. This is a decent looking model I can honestly say it’s really doesn’t appeal to be but as an take down model it has its purpose, more affordable, and accessible to the masses.

Its good to see Adidas putting so much stock in Harden not only as a athlete but as an almost ambassador for the three stripes, out of most of the NBA players the beard seems to be the one most stylish. This particular Harden B E is draped in cheetah print, orange, and black colors making this one loud x wild sneaker, expect this to be worn a lot by high school players x AAU. 

The all new Harden B/E ” Cheetah ” has not been given a release date, however we do have a price as the will cost 140$ US dollars, stay tuned for an update do post with an official release date…………

Brand: Adidas  Sneaker: Harden B/E  Price: 140$

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