Apple Is Looking To Spend 1 Billion On Content Too Compete With HBO x Netflix

Apple is looking to get into the content with a billion dollars in cash

As if the streaming game isn’t crowded enough ( Netflix, YouTube, Hulu ) and with Disney giving Netflix the middle finger as they venture into their own streaming conglomerate, Apple has announced that’s it wants to get into the content game. With news hitting that the tech giant and americas most loved company has plans on spending a billion dollar in cash to acquire x create original content to compete in an already crowded space.

Apple unlike HBO x Netflix at least has an huge fan base with more than over 200 million accounts with credit cards probably waiting to sign up for something like this. Pair it with their hardware like the MacBook, iPad, iMac, and iPhones they’re ahead of the curve already, the thing they have to worry about however is getting the right content, throwing large amounts of money at Celebs with big names doesn’t work out all the time. If I were Apple I’d not only look at Hollywood but also at some of these folks creating content on platforms like YouTube.

To me it seems like since Apple is sitting on damn near a trillion dollars they’re looking to throw money at any and everything, an if I were at 🍎  I’d look at a company like Tesla as well, but that’s just me. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts and stay tuned for all news Tech………..

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