The Essential Phone Will Finally Start Shipping Out Within A Week

Photo via Wired
Essential Phone
The Essential Phone is expected to start shipping in a weeks time

Former Google exec x Android boss Andy Rubin left the search engine giant to venture out on his own to create what he thinks is the perfect smartphone, with his company being valued at a billion dollars it looks like he maybe on the right path. With all that being said here’s a bit of some news for folks who preordered the all new Essential Phone, they will be officially be releasing new within a weeks time but however there is a small hiccup.

The only Phone that will be officially shipping will be he black version, with the white version shipping weeks later, so hold ya horses folks they’re coming it just takes time. The Essential Phone is of course running android, but it has yet to be seen how updates will be handled by this young company, so for those of you who are early adapters GOOD LUCK………………..

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