Threaded Comments Are Coming To Instagram, The Thirst Will Never Be The Same

Instagram plans to clean up its comment section with this latest feature

Instagram has yet another new feature coming our way that’s just a few weeks away, the comment section is getting a much needed overhaul or addition which ever you choose to call it. News has just broke that the comment section would be a lil more organized in the ways of its parent company Facebook, threaded comments is not only a good idea, it’s an over due idea. It’s so hard to keep up with comments on Instagram especially if you’re responding on a post from a page with a huge falling ( NBA Baller Alert or Hypebeast ).

Organization is 🔑 and it looks like Instagram wants to make thing less of a cluster fuxk on their popular app, also while they’re at it ADD CLICAKBLE LINKS!!! When a link isn’t present it really hurts especially for someone like my self who is trying to grow a following, being able to add a clickable link via the post where the browser opens in app would be huge. 

With out going on a mini kanye rant here let me rap this post up, the new addition coming in a few weeks will be much appreciated and I can’t wait to see how it works out, also if anyone from IG is reading this, please work on the tagging feature when you type the @ symbol sometimes it’s wonky……………

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