Google’s 3 Billion Dollar Check To Apple Means Your Data Still Ain’t Safe

Google spends 3 Billion to stay the featured web search enginer on iOS for Apple

Unless you live under a pineapple which just happens to be in the sea then you would have heard the news that Google shelled out 3 Billion dollars USD to Apple to stay the official search engine for iOS. As you’re reading your probably thinking what does this mean, and i am glad you asked that, it basically means we are all fuxked on iOS as Google now is going to using are data selling it to adverts, and cashing in hella bucks.

Just think if they’re are willing to shell out such a large some of money to stay as the top dog on iOS, how much money are they going to make? its quite scary how unsafe we are privacy wise i mean for the love of god you can’t even visit pornhub with out some weird creep at the NSA watching you via your phone webcam, could you imagine how awkward that would be. 

I am a user of both G’s and Apple’s service lets face it iOS is the top dog in the app realm an all of G’s services like Gmail, Maps, Search, etc are with out a doubt unbeatable, but to have that erie feeling your data is being off loaded to some random server in cowfuxk nebraska is scary, but hey as long as you can get them selfies off to post on Instagram its all good………………….

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