Take Another Look At The Off White x Jordan Collab Before It Drops On September 1st

Off White
Off White x Jordan Air Jordan 1 will be one of the most sought after releases for 2017

I cannot lie too you guys when i say this, the Off White x Jordan Air Jordan 1 is gonna be a shxt show, and by a shxt show i mean getting one will be next to impossible unless you got a ill connect flow, been doing this big time, or ya bot game A1. I’m not saying that to discourage anyone but i’m a realist here folks i calls it how eye see it, and the writing is on the wall. I myself really don’t care for this shoe as i would rather have other Jordan 1’s that actually have a real meaning behind them.

The Off White hype to me is whatever its no Supreme or BAPE, so in that regards its more of an flavor of the month, but people like what they like who am i to judge. This release with out a doubt was architected perfectly by Nike, we just recently got a date x pricing, and for weeks the biggest people in the sneaker world were seen rocking these, so kudos to the swoosh god for that.

When these drop on September 1st expect a  lot of fuxk Nike tweets, hypebeast are corny etc etc as a lot of real L’s will be handed out on that day, so don’t fall victim to the trap. i expect resell for these to start off at around 2K so prepare to shell out major bread for these, and also expect resell to hit as high as 5k when pairs start drying up, If you are grabbing these to resell i suggest sitting on em don’t sell right away and do not wear, post, or comment on owning pair. 

Just sit back watch the market, then unload your pair at the perfect time, thats the key to success in the resell game. The Off White x Jordan Air Jordan 1 is set to release on September 1st for the retail price of 190$, feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and also leave a comment on what you’ll think resell will be for these………………

Brand: Jordan  Sneaker: Jordan 1  Color: OW  When: 9.1  Price: 190$

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