Multicolored Dots Cover This Upcoming Adidas NMD R1

Adidas NMD R1 ” Multi Dot “

If i do say so myself this is one beautiful sneaker, check this Adidas NMD R1 ” Multi Dot ” that features millions of colored dots sprinkled up the upper, i think this release will be one for the ages for Adidas so stay tuned. Nothing else much is known about this sneaker as it comes via the Sneaker Prophet on his instagram, when he usually post its a sneaker that has not yet released but will be coming later on down the line.

For a minuted the NMD line was getting boring as Adidas was giving us the same plain uppers, paired with the same boring uppers, so its dope to see this type of design featured. Stay tuned for more news on this NMD R1, whenever more info surfaces we’ll be sure to post as soon as possible………………

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