Laceless Nike Air Vapormax Coming To Nike iD In December

Nike iD
The Nike Air Vapormax Laceless will be hitting Nike iD this December

Thissssss christmassssssss, hey guys starring this December it’s going to be semi lit depending on your scale of littyness, as Nike has announced that the newly launched Air Vapormax Laceless will Be available to create via Nike iD. That’s right you’ll finally be able to create your own custom Vapormax, but Nike JU NOT SLICK PAPI, you know damn well we wanted either the OG Vapormax or the Vapormax Strap.

Even tho they’re playing games with our emotions it’s  cool too see an Vapormax model on Nike iD, let’s just hope this is a sign of big things to come amd maybe one day they’ll put a retro Jordan sneaker on there ( yes I know this will never happen ). Anyways stay tuned for more news on this specific, When ever the official release date is dropped we’ll be sure to post it…………….

Brand: Nike  Sneaker: Vapormax Laceless  When: December 

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