Here’s Our Amazon Wish List As We Have Big Plans For 2018

Wish List
Our Full Amazon Wish List

We have big plans for 2018 ( including this wish list as one ), 2017 was decent year we are new at this so much isn’t to be expected as starting out from the ground is hard, testing, and stressful, but in life if you want to be your own boss or create your own brand you must go through ups x downs on the way to the promise land.

For the new year we want to grow bigger, do bigger things, and build an larger audience, and one of those ways is tapping into youtube to create original content, unboxings, vlogs, game play walkthroughs, and sneaker reviews from time to time.

This is why we took the time to create an Amazon Wish list for this year, this list consist of things needed to strengthen our empire, we are lightyears behind the competition so we’ve go some catching up too do.

Down below is everything featured on the list to guarantee an awesome 2018 so check it our share with your friends and fam an lets all have an kick ass new year! you can see the list in full HERE….



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Amazon Wish List

The GOOGLE PIXELBOOK this will be used for blogging purposes only, with the all new pixel book it also gives us access to apps so we can use Twitter, instagram, and Facebook in one place an manage everything easier.

APPLE MACBOOK PRO this will be used for editing purposes wether its gaming, vlogs, reviews, a podcast, or any other type of youtube content, the macbook pro is the best machine to handle the job.

LG 27″ 4K MONITER the 4K monitor will be used for gaming purposes its better to get the best monitor now than to wait, plus its future proof so worrying about getting a new monitor two years down the road wont be the issue.

MICROSOFT XBOX ONE X this will be for the gaming portion this is the fastest way to build a decent following while covering the gaming portion of the website, alot of gaming news is meh as of right now since its the end of the year, but its always better to be playing the games then reporting on them.

XBOX LIVE GOLD this is used to access DLC, online play, etc, its also used if i want to play with fellow readers or subscribers gained through the channel, which i plan to do often as its a dope way to connect with your audience.

SONY PS4 PRO this will be the main machine that game play walk throughs will be played on, also it will be good to have both systems as both companies have system exclusive titles. Using this as the main system insures more games to play as sony currently has the bigger x better games.

PSN PLUS this like Xbox Live is needed unfortunately to play games online like Call of Duty, Destiny, GTA Online, if i would like to play with readers or subs this is crucial.

EL GATO CAPTURE CARD this is used to capture all gaming footage, with the HD 60 which is the latest product it ensures the highest of quality footage needed to share on youtube