Release Date: Kith x Nike Lebron ” LLTK ” Chapter 2 Drops All Star Weekend

Kith x Nike Lebron 15 Long Live the King Chapter 2

May the king live a long x fruitful life, take a look at chapter 2 of the Kith x Lebron James collection via Nike Basketball and the Lebron XV. This collection is definitely interesting as two of the XV’s are lifestyle versions with some very loud uppers.

The Long Live the King Chapter 2 Collection features the Lebron XV ( Suit of Armor ), Lebron XV ( Kins Cloak ), Lebron XV LS ( Kings Crown ), and the Lebron XV LS ( City of Angels ). The lifestyle version are a rather crazy twist to the XV, one that we can respect, but i wouldn’t be caught dead rocking them.

If its one sneaker i would want from this collection no brainer is the Suit of Armor XV, that all black color is just too tempting to pass up. All in all these shoes look to be premium as hell, so which ever one you do score will be worth the price tag.

Take a full look at the Kith x Nike Lebron XV Long Live the King Collection down below, also check out all the important details as well. Feel free to leave a comment and enjoy all of today’s content…..

Brand: Nike

Sneaker: Lebron 15

When: 2.16 / 2.17

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