About Consignment

this is consignment or CNSMNT for short
We share content like Sneakers x Video Games x Tech which is our main focus an from time to time we venture into other territories depending on how the news from the top 3 topics are.
We also curate content and provide the best info possible so instead of you having to visit 2-3 websites you can simply come here and get the info your always looking NEVER THE FILLER OR CLICK BAIT TO EARN AD AVENUE.
 We also share content from Youtube and we have our own GoFundMe so we can create  original content on YouTube to share with our viewing audience.
Enjoy our blog an share on your social media, email, or good ol word of mouth, the more the word spreads the better. It also gives us the ability to add content, upgrade the site, and add others to share their love of current events, pop culture, sports, news, movies, and tv. We plan on being the next big lifestyle site and content curator on YouTube so welcome to the family, we welcome everyone no matter your creed, color, or sex we are for the people……